Cooking School

Culinary education is our main focus at perCorsi culinari.
Our courses are designed around the kind of cooking you would do in your own kitchen.
Over the course of your culinary vacation, you will attend a variety of cooking classes focused on certain foods.

Our groups are small so you can experience an intimate and supportive atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner or an expert with the apron, this small-group cooking class will ensure a personalized experience and the maximum attention by the chefs while allowing you to practice and perfect new techniques in a friendly setting. Our mission is sending you home excited to share your new cooking expertise with family and friends.


To make pizza is certainly an art. We will host Daniele, a “pizzaiolo” (pizza maker) from Napoli, and he will show you how to make a perfect pizza step by step, happy to answer all of your questions.

Bagnetto Verde (Green Sauce)

This green dip contains a lot of secret ingredients! But it is –with no doubt- the peculiar combination of all of them that creates the magic result.

Tuna Sauce

Simple yet unexpected, the tuna sauce is usually served over veal or vegetables. You will easily be able to try it at home and share its light flavor with your beloved.


Bruschetta “al Pomodoro” is internationally known as one of the most typical Italian appetizers. We will show you all the kinds of herbs you can mince together to make the perfect bruschetta and surprise your friends!

Cabbage Rolls

The tasty Savoy Cabbage Rolls are appetizers from our region: Piedmont. Easy to prepare all year long, and suitable for lettuce leaves as well as cabbage leaves, this very special recipe will make you fall in love with our cuisine.


Pesto is a cold sauce,synonym and symbol of Genoa and the whole Liguria Region, which few decades is one of the most well-known and widespread sauces in the world. We will learn to do the real pesto sauce with Mario and Cristina during our Ligurian Riviera excursion day.


To make fresh pasta at home is indeed a very felt tradition for every Italian. We grow up going to Sunday lunches at our grandma’s house… and that is where it all began.


From the recipe books of our grandmothers, Tiramisu (cheer-me- up) is and remains one of the best-known Italian dishes around the world. We would never miss the chance to share its secrets with you.

Stuffed Peaches

This gorgeous dessert will fill your kitchen with a marvelous fragrance of fresh fruit, amaretto and chocolate. Every year the recipe becomes our special way to welcome back the summer.


Absolutely one of the best desserts for Amaretto lovers: both the cookies and the liquor help making this fabulous pudding-like cake just super!

The menu may slightly vary depending on the season as we only use fresh, locally grown ingredients.

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