perCorsi culinari celebrates local food and the people who grow and prepare it

Our name in Italian has a double meaning – “course” and “path” – summing up the twofold aspect of our gastronomic experience: a cooking course but also an educational path into the best Italian food excellence.
PerCorsi culinari offers classes, complete with an interpreter, for international participants who are interested in Italian culture and cooking. During the cooking lessons, you will work with a group of talented local chefs who will provide demonstrations and hands-on training as well as share their secrets, their passion, and their love of good food with you. Through our classes, perCorsi culinary invites you to share our community values of sharing meals together and the necessity of wholesome food in our life.
Most of our recipes are secrets passed down from one generation to the next. Our goal is to encourage the rescue and proliferation of traditional heirloom foods and to awaken your senses to authentic flavors.

The booking and reservation management of international reservations for perCorsi culinari is handled by PuntoViaggio s.n.c Tour Operator which is based in Italy.
Don’t see exactly what you are looking for in a culinary vacation on our package section? Perhaps we can customize something for you! Usually a minimum number of participants may be required to do so, but please let us know what might interest you. In many cases, we will be able to specially design an itinerary for you including some or all of the elements you require.
Additonally, please keep in mind that many of the program itineraries you see on the website can be revised. For example, you may wish to have more or less cooking classes, you may want to add a wine tour, remove an activity, or add another excursion. Simply inquire and we will let you know if your request might be possible. In any event, we will do our best to recommend the perfect culinary getaway for you!

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Our package includes:

Full board

Full Board

accomodations package

Accommodation and use of all facilities of the Villa

wine package

A selection of regional wines and after-dinner liquors

insurance package

Insurance with medical assistance in the event of an accident or illness

cooking lessons

Cooking lessons

photos package

Pictures during the cooking classes

transport package

Pick-up/drop-off at airport, train station, or hotel in Milan, Turin, Genoa, or Nice and transport for all excursions

tour guides

Tour guides

recipies package

Recipes, apron, and certificate

membership club

perCorsi culinari club membership